What can I do to ensure the success of my Association?

John W. Bickerton

1. Attend the Annual Meeting and Vote.
Every owner is important. Get involved with your Association and participate in its governing process. The members of the Board need and appreciate your input and support. If you can’t attend annual meetings, please give your proxy to another attending member.

2. Attend Board Meetings. ,br /> Board meetings are open to general members to sit in and listen. Remember, your Association’s success depends on you!

3. Read your governing documents.

To review your documents PLEASE VISIT OUR WEBSITE AT WWW.POUDREPROPERTY.COM, go to HOA and scroll down to you Association to find your documents.

4. Notify Poudre Property Services of any change in mailing address or owner’s name. Also, your suggestions or concerns are always welcome.

5. Inform household members, guests and/or tenants of the governing documents. If your unit is leased, please include a clause requiring compliance with governing documents and give your tenant a copy.

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