The Advantages of Leasing

During a time when real estate prices are soaring, rental homes and apartments can offer a good alternative, allowing you an updated space to live in, without a long-term commitment.

Is Leasing Right for You?

Leasing may be a good fit for you if:

  • You need flexibility to change locations in the future, (on relatively short notice.)
  • You don’t want the responsibility (and) for the property taxes and maintenance involved in owning (a) your own home.
  • You don’t mind a little less privacy.
  • You wish to save for or invest money for down payment on a home. You can afford renter’s insurance.
  • You can find a location that meets your safety and livability standards.
  • You can afford the financial commitment that comes with fluctuations in the market.
  • You are considering purchasing a home in the future. A good rental history may assist in a mortgage application.


Tips to Maintain Good Standing

  • Pay your rent on time, every month.
    • Understand that Security Deposits are not sources of income for owners or management. They are collected and kept to reimburse an owner for damages incurred during a tenancy.
    • If you fall into a financial hardship and are concerned that you might not be able to make your payment, contact Poudre Property Services right away at [email/phone]. You are encouraged to contact one of our leasing specialists (We are always happy to talk with you) to discuss your circumstances and needs, to see if there is a good solution to support you through difficult times.
    • Keep your rental well cared-for, to the best of your ability.
    • Always practice good communication. If problems arise with your rent payments or the space you’re renting, please reach out to Poudre Property Services to discuss it. We make every effort to be approachable and professional in our communications with customers, and we ask the same in return.
    • Follow the terms of your lease. If there is something you do not understand please contact us for clarification.

Answers to Common Questions from Renters

  • : Does Poudre Property Services actually own my rental unit?
  • . We are here to serve both you and the property owners.” type=”comment-o” link_enabled=”false” link_url=”#” link_new_tab=”false”]Poudre Property Services does not own any (We do own some) rental properties in and around Fort Collins, Colorado. We do, however (also) provide facility management services for other property investors and act (. In both cases, we act) as the main point of contact for tenants when issues arise. Please feel free to reach out to us with any questions at [email/phone]. We are here to serve both you and the property owners.
  • : What exactly is my security deposit for?
  • The security deposit you pay, (along with your first month’s rent), is held on your behalf (to cover) in order to ensure that you comply with the terms of the lease and, at the end of the lease return the property in clean, undamaged and rentable condition (normal wear and tear excepted) (common expenses incurred by property owners when you move out in the future.) The better condition your space is in when you leave, the more likely it is that most, or all of your SecurityDeposit will be returned (you are to get most or all of your deposit back). Poudre Property Services frequently approves full refunds of security deposits.
  • : Why is Poudre Property Services keeping my security deposit?
  • There are two parts to this question: First, unless we are the owners of your rental unit, Poudre Property Services receives none of the money withheld from your security deposit. This money is retained by the property owners to compensate for time and materials to make repairs or replacements required to ensure your space is ready for the next renter. In some cases, such repairs result in the owner keeping all of the security deposit, and in other cases, they keep only a portion. In the unlikely even that the cost of repairs exceeds the Security Deposit you will be responsible for any excess. It is our contractual and fiduciary responsibility is to our (ensure that property) owners and investors to maintain their property in accordance with the management agreement terms ( are compensated appropriately, based on the objectives they have provided us for the condition of each rental location
  • : What is a Record Change Fee?
  • The Record Change Fee is a one-time fee that is paid by the Buyer when a property is purchased. This fee is specified in the agreement we have with the association. This fee is intended to cover the time, materials and additional work required in transferring the deed information and change of ownership within the Association records and books.
  • : How does Poudre Property Services make money as a property management firm?
  • Poudre Property Services is an independent contractor licensed and insured as A Real Estate Broker and property manager. We operate under (a) management contracts which (that) includes compensation (a monthly rate,) for (a variety of) the many (property management) contractual services (that) we provide to (property investors.) our clients